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We at VPM & SC Ltd take care of your investments and ensure maximum returns for your property and “We do it Right First Time.”

Our residential division has properties in Nairobi, Kiambu, Kajiado, Murang’a and Machakos Counties. These include; block of flats, bungalows, mansionettes, single units, villas, condominiums and apartments all spread across different estates.


In commercial chapter, we currently manage stalls, business buildings, private parking bays, retail spaces, commercial offices and towers in Downtown, Westlands, Kilimani and along Waiyaki Way, Lang’ata Rd, Jogoo Rd, Kangundo Rd, Mombasa Rd, Juja Rd, James Gichuru Rd, Ngong’ Rd, Outering, Nairobi’s CBD and Thika Superhighway.


We subdivide and sell parcels of land and arrange for conveyance on behalf of our clients after doing due diligence as required by law in the Ministry of lands, County Government offices and the National Land Commission using our Lawyers to confirm that the land in question is not questionable and/or has no court related issues.


The following are some of the standard and globally accepted terms we purpose for a possible management agreement.

    We shall manage the property initially for two (2) years continuing thereafter subject to three months written notice or management fee in lieu.
    a). Management fees
    The company charge between 5% – 10% of the rent collected every month for commercial properties we manage.
    Residential properties are charged between 8% – 15% every month.
    All the charges on the properties we manage depend on some of the factors that include;
    – the geographical location of the property,
    – social amenities,
    – the type of the property,
    – the salient features,
    – facilities in the building,
    – the security of that area and many other factors but the charges are NEGOTIABLE.b). Letting and re-letting can be negotiated to not less than 5% of one (1) year’s rent or month rent. We will aggressively market all our customers’ vacant house (s) and ensure the speedy processing of satisfactory tenancy agreement(s).c). Rent reviews
    The rent may be reviewed depending on the market trend, addition in facilities in and around the premises, inflation, demand and supply among other factors but the charges are NEGOTIABLE.


    We shall undertake to collect all the monthly rent by 5th of every month and promptly paid by 10th and rent arrears shall be forwarded thereafter and followed closely.
    In so doing, we ensure that there is;
    – Timely rent collection
    – Timely rent remittance to you
    – Advice offered to you in relation to market trends
    – Supervision of utility bills settlement i.e. water & electricity
    – Inspection of house on quarterly basis and advice on repair needs if any.
    – General well keeping of the premises
    – Appointment of tenants
    – Cancellation and termination of tenants if need arises.
    NB; The rent may be deposited in the CLIENT’S ACCOUNT depending on the arrangement made whereby tenants forward the Bank slip to our office reception or in the dropping box at RAZAKI RECEPTION CENTRE within the premises.
    We shall do our level best to negotiate terms in keeping with the current market rent levels generally agreed with the Land lord/ Land lady.
    We shall liaise with the principal on his/her accounting officer as and when instructed.
    The managers shall manage the cleaners, guards and such necessary staff (if any) including the caretaker on behalf of the principal and their cost shall form part of the operating expenses.
    The mangers shall consult the principal on all major repairs of the building and obtain consent for works exceeding an agreed amount or otherwise as instructed by the property owner unless otherwise of emergency nature.
    We endeavor to prepare and present to our clients’ accounts and other records in an acceptable, clear and easy format, normally on monthly basis or such other time as may be required.


Facilities Management is a specialized area of property management. It entails management of a property’s common services, which includes but is not limited to the following:-

  1. Refuse Collection Security
  2. Street Lighting & Security Lighting
  3. Street parking & maintenance
  4. Access control
  5. Landscaping of common areas
  6. Sewer System Operation Management
  7. Pest Control
  8. Generator Operation & Maintenance
  9. Lift Maintenance
  10. Electric Fence Maintenance
  11. Payment of Land Rates and Rents
  12. Water reticulation and billing

Facilities Management ensures that a property, its surroundings and amenities are in good working order, thus developing a sound relationship between the residents (either tenants or owners), the estate management and the developer. This translates in the achievement of best value for money by balancing between user needs and business needs to achieve optimum organizational effectiveness.

The aim of VPM & SC LTD is to undertake the day-to-day management of property portfolios through ensuring smooth operations at all times. This is emphasized in our Mission which is “To make Razaki Holdings a preferred destination, reference point and comfort zone in the world of Real estate, Supply chain, Security and real time news with guaranteed growth in returns and investments to all our clients globally.”

This is achieved by careful attention to owners’ needs and effective control of service charge and recoveries in order to secure the sound performance of clients’ investments. The success of the Common Area Management function is the result of constant liaison with the residents through the provision of timely and accurate advice on management issues.

The key aspects of our services in this area are the following: –

  1.  Repairs and maintenance of shared facilities within a property;
  2. Administration and collection of service charges;
  3. Negotiation of service contracts for common services;
  4. Preparation of accounts and budget for common services;
  5. Periodic as well as real time reporting on pertinent issues.

The costs of the above mentioned services are borne by the residents through service charge levy. The amount of service charge payable and mode of payment shall be determined by the management, having considered the estimated expenses and the costs of various commodities. Measures shall also be put in place to ensure timely and full payment of service charge as and when expected.

We shall institute effective service charge collection methods to avoid accumulation of arrears. We shall also be responsible for service charge allocation to use and accountability to owners, through the Estate Management Company and Court Management Company established for each estate and court respectively. A budget estimate is prepared each year and forms the basis on which recovery is made from tenants/residents.

Year- end independent audits are provided to residents and surplus or deficits are balanced prior to the new year of assessment. Charges must only relate to the cost of operating the specific building/estate/court including the management fees and salaries. Service Charge may, upon appropriate notice to members, be reviewed upwards, keeping in mind the rising costs of living.

The management will also employ relevant workmanship in each property to ensure smooth running of day to day duties and activities. This includes:-

  1. Security Guards
  2. Common Areas cleaners
  3. Property care taker
  4. Plumber
  5. Electrician

The management shall hold meetings with owners, as agreed between relevant parties to discuss issues affecting residents and/or management in order to come up with solutions. While it is the responsibility of the management to ensure excellent service delivery as well as “value for money” for owners, VPM & SC LTD endeavors to establish cordial relationships with the residents/owners in order to build excellence, integrity and fraternity.

VPM & SC LTD is fully involved in the management of their developments so that the created life styles and products can have values maintained for as long as is possible without losing the original vision of what the company stands for in the property market.


VPM & SC LTD comprises of the best customer care known to human race with good communication and excellent inter-personal skills answering all your questions promptly and to your satisfaction. We very much believe in teamwork that we always keep in mind Lee Lacocca’s quote that goes “In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words: people, product and profits. Unless you’ve got a good team, you can’t do much with the other two.” This per se has made the company grow to greater heights within a short period of time. All these being dedicated to our esteemed clients because most of them know that the future of real estate belongs to those who believe in the beauty of our dreams. The dreams that have changed our clients’ vision into reality.

If appointed Managing Agents, we undertake to represent the property owner in all matters property, to the best of our knowledge and ability in ensuring the investment returns and profits are maximized and that the best services are rendered to the tenants.

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