Our Values

Each expression of VPM & SC herein, reflects a special quality of the new beginning in the country. Each day, we picture the best and reflect your mind in our heart. In terms of quality, we have nothing hurried about life, day or night as long as perfection and excellence are given first priority. We do it one by one, day by day.

VPM & SC is the majestic Kenyan destination on a journey across Kenya’s best company through the highlands, Islands, Hills, Mountains, Deserts and Meadows created and built by the Kenyan craftsmanship and excellence. By so doing, we know that, the pursuit of quality and its maintenance, the hallmark of VPM & SC’s business since it started making it deluxe an epitome. Ours is a core around which Real estate and property management pendulum rotates.

This whole combination of words, makes VPM & SC approachable, accessible, friendly, distinct and real time vis-à-vis service delivery. This has been easier because of making sure we bring services closer to our clients. Through our clients’ support, we have successfully been able to execute our plans within the set timelines.

The company is truly committed to the principles of quality management across all its departments. We aim to understand and exceed our customers’ expectation through the application of consistent, effective and efficient processes throughout all operations and functional areas of the business and its environment.

We strive, to attract, develop, invest in and retain highly motivated and skilled persons to in achieving institutional memory and continuity.

This enhances personal development and ensures the delivery of consistent but quality service and operations excellence to all our customers wherever they are within the shortest time possible using a controlled centralized system. It’s our responsibility to also improve our customers’ satisfaction and achieve our goal of being recognized as global leader in the world of Real Estate.

Our Culture

Our culture creates an added value and leads us on the way to becoming stronger and more accountable. It’s also our responsibility to fulfill all our pledges to our shareholders but doing so by involving every concerned party.

Our culture is development-oriented to produce a shared strength continually appreciated across the board from directors through the relationship to the support staff. This constitute both a challenge and a help, they support the evolution of our business while we and they continue to develop as a team. A team that is simply made up of professionals who are focused to deliver according to the customers’ needs. The values we have nurtured, protected jealously and held so closely to our hearts include the following;

  • To always act with integrity both internally and externally.
  • To foster openness.
  • To deliver excellent quality products and services
  • To act according to clear priorities.
  • To act in an entrepreneurial way.
  • To continue with and encourage social-corporate responsibility
  • To accept social responsibilities.
  • To make and support both our clients and employees grow economically and succeed.
  • To encourage meritocracy
  • To continue being culturally sensitive
  • To always be time conscious
  • To always adhere to QHSE requirements
  • To be responsive
  • To be innovative
  • To be honest and dependable
  • To encourage eco-friendly activities
  • To make our customers successful

The above values are inseparable from our Vision, Mission, Ambition, Positioning statement and Tagline. We believe that neither a goal nor a dream of any of our clients will ever go into oblivion. In addition to that, we strive to create the best performing, most trusted and respected services in the country, continent and the whole world. For us to win this war, we’ve transformed our reputation over the years in every market through to our final consumers by enduring stakeholder partnerships and exemplary conduct.

We have freedom to succeed and very passionate about our customers since our plans guarantee services with the right people and capabilities, creating possibilities and being authentic has brought the VPM & SC purpose to life. We create conditions for people to succeed and consistently deliver greater performance plus the pride we have in what we do as we value each other.

Our Behavior

 Every day is;

  • Acting like an owner
  • Being restless and agile
  • Bold in execution.
  • Obsessed with winning.

Our culture and behaviors unite the excellence of every subsidiary, department & person and their unique company culture to produce a shared strength.