VPM & SC Ltd offers consultancy on property matters in Kenya aimed at land owners seeking to maximize the potential of their property assets. We utilize our knowledge of the local market to help clients achieve their goals particularly in updating of rent to the prevailing market levels and for other purposes which include; Mortgage, Insurance, Sales/Purchase, machinery and asset valuations, growing concern including goodwill assessment, accounting, rental open market value, corporate restricting and litigation purpose

An important element of the consultancy brief is often putting together of the right team for a particular project e.g. Land surveyor, Architect, Lawyer and in identifying sources of finance.

We also deal with;

1. Project management

Main areas are;

  • Initiating:- This involves carrying out feasibility studies, obtaining necessary approvals, preparing cash flow, evaluating suitability of proposed projects etc.
  • Planning:- Ensuring that all the “ducks” are in a row to allow for smooth execution.
  • Execution:- This involves largely attending site meetings and coordinating the project.
  • Monitoring:- To ensure that the client is receiving the best and controlling possible product and ensuring costs are adhered to.
  • Closing:- Involves handover and evaluation of the project.


2.Feasibility studies

The department will undertake this either as part of project management above or on a case by case

3.Emerging markets

This can be broken down into three large areas namely:

  • Large tracks of land that are changing from a single private use into multiple uses under new smaller titles e.g. Konza City, Lamu Port, large coffee farms (Tatu), etc. The envisaged role for the department will be largely advisory, with other functions such as agency, valuation, etc being undertaken by relevant existing department.
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Management

4.Succession & Arbitration & Receivership

This will involve the management of assets that for one reason or another are not in the control of the registered owner, largely due to an existing dispute.

The main aim will be preservation, and effective management of the said assets until the dispute is determined.
Due to the temporary nature of the management, they cannot be incorporated into the already existing management department, especially in terms of budgeting.


This again is self-explanatory and will involve research undertaken into the property, market for the benefit of not only the Company but for clients. It will involve:

  • Sales analysis both for sales and rentals and maintain a register for the same
  • Auction attendance
  • Analysis of City Council approved plans
  • Keeping in touch with valuers at Lands office and other major firms for Comparisons
  • Keep a register on comparable
  • Get information from selected Land Control Boards

In a nutshell, we see our role as putting ideas into action and then reality without losing our sight on quality because it’s (quality) not an accidental act but rather a choice that we’ve systematically and consistently nurtured into a habit.