In a world of increasingly demanding schedules, you need a partner who will help you achieve your goals. A partner who understands your needs and provides you with efficient, reliable end to end logistical solutions that help you expand your business.

Providing timely and efficient delivery is key. Our dispatch centres are strategically spread across Nairobi, making VPM & SC your trusted courier partner.

Our courier Services: One-hour Express Service: Delivers urgent parcels within the hour.
Same day delivery services: For your packages that need to be delivered within a day.
Dedicated Messengers: We issue our clients Contracted messengers who focus solely on your errands on a daily basis.
Overnight Courier: Once delivered to our collection centers, VPM & SC will deliver to your specified location by noon the next day.
Warehousing: Transfer the logistical headache of storage, clearing, forwarding, and transportation to VPM & SC.
Courier Pharma: Tailor made for the pharmaceutical sector. To transport sensitive consignment such as: medical specimen, samples and hospice care deliveries.
Mail Room attendance: Eliminate your overheads, VPM & SC provides dedicated personnel to receive, pack and dispatch your consignments from your business premises.
Cross Border Service: VPM & SC LTD are agents of International Courier Companies to support country wide logistics requirements across the borders.

VPM & SC, Courier provides a range of professional and efficient courier services. With experienced and friendly staff. VPM & SC is dedicated to catering to all client delivery needs within a large network of branches, depots and drop off points in Kenya.

  • VPM & SC courier services include:
  • National Courier
  • High Value manned courier
  • Secure and bonded warehousing
  • Contract storage and distribution
  • Messenger and mailroom services
  • Distribution and supply chain

C – TPAT (Customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorism).

How to suspect a terrorist;

  1. Unescorted persons.
  2. Unusual vehicle movements.
  3. Breaches of physical security.
  4. Issues with container security

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